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Summer is among us....

....You are my only one

17 August 1986
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I'll give you a dollar if you guess my name. Come on..try. If you got it, keep reading. If not...click the X. Anyways! I'm 18 and a freshman in college. I'm a pretty big dork. I love you! And your momma too! I like all kinds of music...but I loooooooove me some country music with some grits on the side. I'm single ever since Bubba went to jail. So fellas...just holla! I'll tell my brother Billy Bob to hide the shotgun. Alright, Alright...I'm lying. I'm single though! I love UT Longhorns and Tony Parker! My favorite color is blue. I'm a full blown Texas girl. Why? Because Texas Girls Rock The World that's why! Peace

I can be a real bitch when you tempt me. I can also be the sweetest girl you will ever know. =D
I love Johnny Carinos and Dr.Pepper! They're addicting *Twitches* I'm obsessed with being online? Is that good?! I also love to hide in my neighbors bushes and make animal noises to scare them. Whee much fun I'm emotional and outspoken, a real smart ass.
If you don't like me blow me I can give a flying rats ass what anyone thinks of me. ILU. peace out